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SOLIDWORKS Solutions for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Solutions for Entrepreneurs & Startups

For early-stage hardware startups that meet the eligibility criteria, the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works for Startups program offers software, training, and co-marketing resources at no cost to help you succeed.

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Launch your design dreams

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works for Startups Program provides new start-up companies the following benefits:

  • 12-month accounts of 3DEXPERIENCE Works including SOLIDWORKS for CAD, simulation, visualization, and more
  • MySolidWorks online training
  • Co-marketing opportunities such as speaking at SOLIDWORKS events and promotion in SOLIDWORKS campaigns and social communities
  • Design guidance from SOLIDWORKS engineers and technical managers
  • Hundreds of white papers, videos, and feature articles with tips and tricks on taking your product to the next level


YEAR 1 | Discover

*Low-cost software solutions for eligible startup applicants accepted to the Startup Program.

YEAR 2 | Adopt

Grow with 70% off all cloud solutions.

YEAR 3 | Expand

Scale with 50% off all cloud solutions.

*For approved startups. *Special conditions and restrictions may apply.



To participate in SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program you must:

  • Have less than $1 Million in funding and less than $1 Million in lifetime revenue
  • Your product must be a physical product that you will manufacture
  • You must be in business for less than 3 years
  • You are not currently a SOLIDWORKS customer

Online Application

Application is easy, click the button below to fill out the form, if approved your software will be ordered and you will receive your software and full support from SOLID Applications, for the 12 months your licenses are valid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program?

The SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program is a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD licensing model designed to help startups and entrepreneurs.

Previously there has been licensing for students, universities and research students, but entrepreneurs and startup businesses couldn't quite afford the commercial pricing. This has now been addressed with the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program.

How do I apply to the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program?

Submit an online application form confirming your eligibility from the qualifying criteria.

What happens when I apply to the Entrepreneur Program?

After submitting an online application, your applications will be assessed SOLIDWORKS and either granted or refused. If approved we will then be notified and will contact you to discuss your exact requirements. Once we have received this notification, your order for the software will be placed and delivered to you as soon as possible. This can normally happen within 1 - 2 business days.

How long does SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program last?

The SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur program lasts for up to 12 months free of charge. During this time, you have access to the suite of SOLIDWORKS design and productivity tools.

What do I get from the Entrepreneur Program?

You will have access to the full SOLIDWORKS portfolio of products. This includes FEA analysis with Simulation, documentation with Composer, the stunning rendering with Visualize and much more besides. With access to the full suite of software, you will be able establish the full capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS portfolio and find big business opportunities.

How I find out what SOLIDWORKS products I need?

Please call us on 0121 544 1400 and our account managers can discover more about you and what you want to achieve, then explain to you how SOLIDWORKS products will assist.

What happens when my licenses are expiring?

At the end of the 12 months we have a number of options available to assist with the transition from the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program. For the duration of the program, you will have full access to use our dedicated customer helpdesk. In addition, you will be invited to regular webinars or events, which will assist you with getting your designs and product to market.

Is it easy to employ someone with SOLIDWORKS skills?

Put simply, very! SOLIDWORKS is the number 1 mainstream CAD system in the country and is the most common 3D CAD system taught in Universities as well. Therefore you will always find people who are looking to find work using SOLIDWORKS. Some universities will also help with placing post-graduates within a workplace.


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